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Another HEART called, Part 2.

After checking out of the hotel an hour before we needed to,
We made our way to Kara/Brooke's uncle's house about 30 mins outside of Nola to relax and get ready for the concert.

Before we made it to the house, we stopped in a town that had a Goodwill store.
Walking into Goodwill with my Michael Kors purse on my arm was quite awkward.
I ended up with a book and a Ryan Cabrera cd for $3.00. 
Opening up my Coach wallet to hand the cashier 3 dollar bills was quite redic.

Then a stop at Chick-fil-A was just what our tummy's ordered.

So now that we are full, we all want showers.
So we arrive at their uncle's house around 1.
The next 4 hours were spent painting nails and our faces with makeup.
Around 5:30 we headed out to get there in time for the concert.

Oh, the concert (cue sighs of happiness).

The actual lineup went like this:

The Ready Set (who sings Love like Woah)
Boys Like Girls
The All-American Rejects

Every single band was awesome.
Boys Like Girls really know how to get the crowd involved and the lead singer may throw out his guitar picks every 6 seconds, but they were still presh.
Maybe even cupcakeable, yes. Definitely cupcakeable.

The All-American Rejects were so good.
Like really, really good.
I am not a concert person at all, but I would go see them again in a heartbeat.
Their opening music sounded like it came straight from the back alley of Rome.
Semi-creepy with all the lights off but it was kinda cool.
If you can go see their Kids in the Street tour, please don't hesitate to buy a ticket.

Best part?
We got to meet them.
Yes, photo with the Tyson Ritter.
Pretty amazing.

Line for the meet and greet.

No wait...
The part where Tyson complimented us and said "we like it when girls dress up for our concerts" to us, maybe was the best part. Yep.

Then we drove all the way home and got in around 3:30.

I may have gotten up out of bed, put my work shirt on backwards and went to work for 4 hours.
And I felt every minute of those 4 hours.

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