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Also known as "blogger dates."
Could be weird, could be awesome.

Each blog I read, I wonder what it would be like to meet that person in real life.
Nothing sounds better than laughing about something over fro-yo with a complete stranger, right?

Well, I personally want to meet some of my blogger friends in 2013.
I don't know how or when or who this will happen with but I'm excited about the thought of it.

Particularly, I would like to fly to Austin to meet Haley.
And Nicole, since her mom is going to match-make the both of us with fine gentlemen.
Sounds too good to be true huh?
Maybe so.

Have you ever gone on a blate?
Would you? 
Which blogger would you like to meet?

Link their blog and your blog in the comments. 


  1. ok love this! so cute! thank you so so much for mentioning me :)

  2. ive never gone on a blogger "date" but ive met many of my blogging friends and so far so good :)
    to name a few: ally from http://shabbyprincess.blogspot.com/ , katie from www.runthisamazingday.com , crystal from http://www.carpediemcrystal.com/ , sara from http://middle-agedrunner.blogspot.com/ , and im still waiting to meet my running twin jeri from http://jerbear8.blogspot.com/ :) (my blog is http://danielle09justdoit.blogspot.com/ )


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