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Five things and not as many photos.

1. Being so slow at work this week that I am close to finishing a book.

The Hunger Games. (Late to that book party, I know).

2. After a semi-rough Wednesday, being able to come home and watch Duck Dynasty got me back to feeling better.
Laughter has a way of doing that to me.

3. Letting a friend borrow Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy Wednesday night. I just have a feeling he will be totally lost on next week's episode if he never learns of Juice's 'drama' beforehand.

4. Buying baby items with my mom last night to prepare for one of my bestie's shower on Saturday, right after getting my hair done. Saturday = winning.
(If you follow me on Instagram, you saw what I did with one of the baby items.
If you have not seen it, follow me at @alwaysablogsmaid on Ig.)

5. Getting the chance to win a ridiculously wonderful giveaway on Megan's blog. Enter here!

Please go look at the planner she is giving to one lucky winner (4 chances to win though) AND try not to love it, especially if you are a Type A-list maker like myself.


  1. dude the hunger games...

    i read them all in a week. then i got a headache. so good but so intense.

    1. I am slowly [but surely] finishing the first one. I saw the movie a couple months ago, so I keep already seeing the "hollywood" characters instead of the book ones. Probably the only downside.


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