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Five Things.

I am currently loving a lot of things, especially all the events that are coming up these last few weeks of October.

Ever since I came down with the flu and strep throat at the same time, I kinda fell into a little funk. 
This week has brought me out of it and I am so thankful for the change of emotion. 
I'd appreciate these hormones to stay a while.
I am gonna try and slow down a bit and enjoy each event as they arrive.
Not stress about being late to an event (even if I am) and try to really cherish the time I spend with each person.
Without further ado, here is just FIVE things I'm loving this week...

1. Conversations with my friends during my work week are absolutely the highlight of my days.
To fully see the extent of these conversations, 
follow me on Instagram @alwaysablogsmaid.

2. The halloween decorations on J & J's bar cart for my 'poisonous red drink' for American Horror Story premiere.

3. Being Camilla's newest blog sponsor as of Tuesday.

 If you have visited/are visiting from her page this week, please stick around a while - read, laugh, comment and/or become a follower. Hope you enjoy! 

4. Wishing Haley a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY week/month.

You deserve only the best, blogger friend :)

5. Leaving work an hour early today to head to Tupelo, MS for a wedding weekend.

Will drive back earlyyy Sunday morning to make it in time for the annual Pumpkin Patch with Brooke and Brailyn.

Can't. wait. to. carve.

Happy Friday Everyone! 

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