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"I almost swallowed a yellow jacket."

After getting up at the crack of dawn and driving home from Tupelo on Sunday,
I made my way back to Brooke's house to start our annual event:
Pumpkin Patch 2012.

 This year we went to a completely different pumpkin patch located about an hour south of our houses.
We got ready, picked up some lunch and followed one of Brooke's coworkers to the Pumpkin Patch.

This place was super legit and huge.
So much stuff to do and plenty of bathrooms (always my main concern).

One downside: it was HOT and there were bugs EVERYwhere. (not a fan)
So many bugs that as Brooke drinks some of her Sprite, 
she points to the ground and said: I just drank that!
What was it you ask?
A yellow jacket.
Like an insect that takes my anxiety to the 100X level.
I freaked and said "I can't."
 She said it's still moving!!  and stepped on it.
I stepped on it too, but in a different way - stepped on it like you would your gas pedal.

I made my way over to Brailyn who was playing in the "corn pool," which is basically a swimming pool of un-cooked corn.
Somehow kids find this to be a little slice of heaven on earth, who knew?

We let all the kids (Bray, her coworker's little girl and some cousins) play for close to 2 hours before we got on the truck that hauls us around and talks about the whole plantation.
I really enjoyed riding around and learning about the family who set up this whole thing and how they still make a lot of products that are sold to the surrounding counties and even China.

While Brooke and I were watching Brailyn ride a mini train, I get hit.
By a 9 year old boy.
With a medium size pumpkin.
Directly on my right ankle.

Lil boy tried to take me out - I didn't cuss out loud, but in my mind I was like "wth was that?"
This old man comes up and says, "I thought that was your little boy."
I was like, "Umm, no way - never seen him before in my entire life and hope never again."
Ridiculous.  Glad I can still walk today.

Once I got over the shock of being hit by one of America's favorite food/flavors right now, we made our way to pick out our pumpkins.
I wanted a small cute one and that's exactly what Bray and I got.

Brooke wanted a medium size one because she had some ideas for it - girl loves Pinterest.

We made our way back home after taking pictures in a cotton field.
After painting our pumpkins, baking cookies and eating dinner (in that order), I went home.

I would love to say I got in bed at 8:30, but that would be a lie.
I would love to say I've got the rest of the week to rest, but that would also be a lie.
I would love to say this post made you laugh, but well...you see where I'm going with this. 

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