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It's all a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Driving to work Friday morning, I knew I needed to do it big this past weekend. 

This was the last weekend of October and pretty much the last chance for any type of big Halloween celebration.
Luckily, I drove down the road and received the best text message.
From my Karuhh boo:
"You are invited over tonight for a little Halloween fun!
We are having a fire in the back equipped with smores.
Dad is firing up the girll for hamburgers and hot dogs.
Drop by for some laid back fun and feel free to bring an appetizer or dessert to snack on!
Feel free to let loose and have a drink or two,
and really get into the halloween spirit by dressing up!!"
Friday morning, I felt like no - I will not be dressing up.
After keeping my seat warm for 8 hours in my cubicle, I was ready to dress up.
But not too crazy, just an old 'crayon dress' I made with Colleen back in our USM days.
So obviously I went as an "expired crayon."
I made my way over to my second home around 6 p.m.
Kara and the fam went way above and beyond for this halloween party.
The menu included [and was not limited] to:
  • Mummy Hotdogs
  • Spinach dip coming out of my pumpkin from the pumpkin patch last sunday (that was also covered in fake cockroaches)
  • Rotel dip that was dyed green
  • Spider cupcakes
  • Ghost and Monster rice krispie treats
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers (smoked or grilled to perfection)
  • All the trimmings for the meal (tomatoes, pickles, cheese, chili)
  • etc..
Before stuffing our faces, I had to take some photos with Sarah Palin.

I made her sticker that says "I love Alaska." 

She flew all the way down from Alaska to hang out with the fam.
Sweet gal, she is.
After we almost couldn't eat anymore,
we decided it was only right to go outside and make smores.
I will be honest: this was my first time to make a smore by a real legit fire.
The smore was delish.
The fire was warm and we all had a good time hanging out.

Next up: HOCUS POCUS time.
It's a tradition to watch the three sisters cause trouble on the town of Salem.
While Brooke and I watched it on VHS tape, we realized something.
Brooke, Kara and I are pretty much those three sisters.

Brooke is Sarah.
Kara is Winifred.
And I am, Mary.
Watching this movie for the 39502735983 time, was even funnier this time.
Laughing helped burn a couple of Halloween calories,
enough to help me fit into Kara's Halloween costume for Saturday night.

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