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Prepping for December.

After spending a couple hours getting beautiful at the salon and a quick lunch at my favorite restaurant, Newks, my mom and I made our way two hours down South for a baby shower. Couple of gifts in the backseat, plucking my eyebrows in the passenger seat and we were on our way.

After almost getting lost (well, we semi did - thanks a lot MapQuest), we finally made it to the baby shower about 30 minutes after it started.  

Colleen was just about to open her first present when I was presented with the best tasting cake and punch I may have ever had, ever. Seriously.

After every "aww, that is so cute. aww, precious" comment, the gifts were passed around the room as we were also instructed to fill out a "wish list" for Baby G...multitasking at it's finest, my friends. 

Lila was the honorable gift recorder, writing down each gift from each person.  I am sure her hands were tired because Colleen got a LOT of gifts.  She received the cutest clothes, the most necessary bib from your's truly, and of course - plenty of Johnson's bedtime baby bath lotion.  

FYI: Natalie will be a great non-fussy sleeper, I just have a feeling.  How could you not be though - I mean if someone was giving me full body massages every day with calming lavender lotion, hello?

Anywho, back to the story.  After opening gifts, it was time to goof around with my second momma...

Talking about spin classes and how I don't exercise anymore, and how upset I was that my friend request to her on Instagram was still pending.  
She made a promise that the minute she got home she would fix it.

After a couple snaps of the Iphone with Colleen and Lila... 

 I was hugging everyone goodbye and heading back with mi madre for another function. 

Saturday never stopped. 

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