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Fake Pageants = WINNERS at life.

First, I want to say thank you to the 4 of yall that commented on my last blog post. 
Your kind words always helps me feel better and to know that I'm not alone in my emotions helps me more than yall know. 


If you are wondering what makes me tick, it's ridiculousness.

As of my last blog post, you read that I was kind of having a rough day, well..rough week of sorts.  Then around 3 p.m. on Friday - I had a thought so ridiculous that it got me out of my depressing slump quickly: CREATE AND BE IN A FAKE BEAUTY PAGEANT.  Lately in the social networks, there has been a trend: pageants. Even a mention of the Victoria Secret Runway Show. 

I used to do pageants, nothing hardcore because I don't really have a talent.  But walking across the stage and smiling? I'm your girl.  So that's what I want to do, not enter an actual pageant - but do all the prep work: nails, hair, makeup, spray tan, dress, heels, tiara (i'll bring my own) and then go out to dinner looking fab wearing crowns for no reason at all.

Reasons to do a fake pageant:

1. I love the idea of getting all dolled up and looking your best self just in the hopes of winning something.  You may not win, but you will have fun is my motto. 

I know this may sound crazy coming from the girl who doesn't even wear makeup to work.  But that isn't because I don't like makeup - I just don't feel like waking up even earlier in the mornings to put on eyeliner for my computer.  It just seems wasteful.

2.  Gives me a workout goal to accomplish. 

Yesterday, I went and got myself a membership at our local gym. 
Now I can work out anytime I want, really no excuses now. 
This will be the perfect thing for me to get my butt in shape.  
To have a pageant, fake or not, will be fun to work towards.

3.  My best friends are in it 100%. Brooke is like "YES! I WANNA DRESS UP!" so obviously it's a go.

What gets you motivated to get in shape?
Would you ever just dress up for a pageant for no reason at all? 

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