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FIVE things

Unfortunately, the beginning of my week...my mind was focused on things I can't control: other people's actions at work, relationships/anniversaries and the fact that I'm not in one, etc.  

However, about mid-week I sat at my desk and realized it's not good to worry about things that you can't do anything about.  
P.S. I also learned that if you fight with a stapler, the stapler wins every time.
 Five things that I decided to focus on and love instead:

1. Joining a gym on Monday and having lunch with my favorite 4 year old EVER.

2. My mom dropping everything to meet me at our local mall to help purchase my outfit for this weekend's Color Run.

3. Another purchase (by mom): the comfy-est sleeping pants/tights I've ever worn.

4. A 90 minute episode of SOA and my favorite character not dying....yet.

5. An email from a complete stranger that I hope starts her own blog soon, her words meant more than she knows.

p.p.s. You are gonna want to stop by again on Monday. 
BIG giveaway to you, possibly. :)  


  1. Great post! Largely because I love lists. :)

    What a sweet email.. I'm so glad you received that. I want to follow that ones' blog as well!

    Also, love the nail polish in your pic from McAlisters. Have fun this weekend!!! Thinking about you :)

    1. Ahh, thank you Haley! The nail polish is "Master Plan" by Essie.

      Been thinking about you too a bit - heard Carrie Underwood is coming to Austin in April of next year. May just be the time to come visit then? Ha.

  2. if you are talking about Juice I AGREE he is my fav!! :)

    1. Absolutely talking about Juice. So glad I'm not the only one that is obsessed with him instead of Jax. :)

  3. these are great- sometimes I need to focus on the good rather than what's weighing me down.
    Lunch date looked fun:)


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