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Little man and a few in costume.

Once we got back from the baby shower,
it was get out of the car, grab Nikki/the wedding gift, and get back in the car.

We had a wedding celebration to get to.
One of my cousin's married one of my old dancer friends back in 2011.
Right after they got married last year, he was shipped off to Afghanistan.

They had a baby during this past year and I finally got to meet/hold him Saturday evening.

Is he not the cutest thing ever? 

After chatting it up with cousins/uncles/aunts - basically a mini family reunion, we made it back to the house to catch a little bit of the Alabama/State game before heading back over to Brooke/Kara's.

Once we got to their house, it was time for the 'Teasing your hair to Heaven' segment of the evening. 
I am pretty sure Brooke hit it out of the park with me.
Nikki loved her 'do too.

[Pirate, Hockey Player, Snow White and Pocahontas]

We went back to Club Magoo's in downtown Jackson around 10:30.
Snow White decided to try out for the "Sexiest Costume" and got in the Top 20! 

I found Bane from the now infamous movie and Willie from Duck Dynasty.

After dancing and laughing and wobbling (the song),
I ran into an old classmate.
We talked about how old we feel and how we are nowhere near ready for our ten year reunion which is in 3 years.
Then, he bought me a water (which was free).

The only thing I regret is not taking my glucosamine pills.

It was obvious waking up Sunday after drinking only a couple Cokes,
that I am getting wayy too old to keep dancing until the sun comes up.
It's just ridiculous. 
Getting old is for the birds.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?
Can you believe it's November??

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  1. Dancing until the sun coms up are usually the best kind of nights. Although I am very with you on not being able to handle them as well as I used to ;)

    Glad you had a great night ! And blergh to November! Where did this year go??


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