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a little reminder.

If you are just tuning in, I apologize for being MIA recently. This past Wednesday I was not feeling well.  To get whatever this was "knocked out" of my system, I went to the doctor; every hour feeling even worse.  Turns out my mom had the flu, even though the doctor told her it was pneumonia.  So I go to the doctor thinking I have the flu, but the test came back negative.  Too soon, I guess.

However, I spent every day in bed taking medicine to knock out the flu like symptoms and managed to go to Christmas lunch with the family ten minutes down the road yesterday.  I will admit I was not feeling 100% and I'm still not but laying in bed the past few days has taught me a few things...

1.  I need my mom more than I realize

She literally is my backbone and keeps me going.  Getting my medicine for me even though she is the one with the actual flu, checking my temperature, making sure I have enough liquids to drink and getting plenty of rest, etc.

2.  I don't drink enough liquids. or food for that matter, when I'm sick.

I did more sleeping and watching Netflix on my phone than anything else.
My stomach has shrunk so much that I was only able to enjoy 2 deviled eggs and barely finished my potato salad my Uncle Ricky makes.
[if anyone knows me, this will turn me into a Grinch - I love deviled eggs and could eat his potato salad all day, err'day.]

3.  Not sure losing 5 pounds was worth it.

I literally cannot eat like I used to.  Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not.
However, not being able to stand up and blowdry my hair completely is the pits.
I had to sit down twice this morning before driving to work.
Thankful I have a cubicle job today.

What I really learned this week (besides now obsessed with Revenge and Pretty Little Liars) is that I need to slow down a bit.

I already knew the REAL reason for the season when I woke up yesterday feeling pretty crummy and only opening two gifts (mostly because I didn't know what I wanted for Christmas).  The reason for Christmas is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I need to rely on him for my strength the rest of my days, especially the next few cause the Good Lord knows I need it.

Hope your Christmas was healthy and happy and merry and all things wonderful.


  1. Oh no!! Hope that you're feeling better!


  2. so sorry you're not feeling well! i was also totally out of it due to (what i'm assuming is )the flu! sucks!!! but, im on the upswing now. i wish that i lost my appetite when i was sick though, lol, that's the one thing i never lose!!


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