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Christmas Tradition #1.

If I haven't said it enough times already, 
I love December.

I am a big lover of traditions.
To me, tradition means a stable reminder of friendships and remembering the REAL reason for the season.
The first tradition is the annual Hi-Stepper get together at a local Greek restaurant called Keifer's.

If you are new to this blog, I used to be a dancer in high school and at my community college. 
The years I spent a Hi-Stepper at Hinds Community College really were my BEST years.

Me, Bridget and Deidre

I honestly miss being a college dancer,
 and love the times I spend with these girls now as an Alumni.
Each December we get together and give small presents, but honestly just the time we spend together is the real GIFT.

Deidre and I 

Kristin and I 

Mrs. Angela, Me and Anna 

Bridget, Me and Kimmie 

Heather and I 

I really love the time I spend with these girls. 
Once December rolls around, I always get so giddy because I know we will be seeing each other soon. 

This past friday night was wonderful.
I enjoyed the presents and the presence. 

Any traditions you have that you look forward to every December?? 

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