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Christmas Tradition #2.

The second tradition that is fairly new,
but I always get super excited about is...

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party at the Patterson's

These people really know how to throw a party.

First to be mentioned is what everyone wants to read about before lunch: FOOD.

We had food for days: rotel, deviled eggs, chicken straight off the grill, meatballs, sausages in barbecue sauce, hawaiian rolls with ham, taco dip, green punch, a mustache cake, and the most heavenly strawberry shortcake.

The party was so much fun. 
Taking photos with a tacky frame, playing Christmas games that ended with a bunch of laughs (and other reactions) and just a great time spending time with friends that actually feel like family.

Enjoy the photos...
I know I did.

Yes, that is an actual wreath as her necklace.

My sister and I.

My tutu makes me look 200 pounds.
Brooke is skinny so she looks 100 pounds.

My favorite picture from the entire night

P.S. Everyone voted for me as the one that had the "Most Holiday Spirit" which basically translates into "give-it-to-the-one-who-wore-the-most-ridiculous-items."

I'll take it.

Any of you participating in tacky sweater Christmas parties?


  1. I am going to my first ever 'Ugly/tacky Sweater party' this weekend! I seriously can't even explain how excited I am about it! You look adorable and like you're having a blast!

    1. Aww thank you Andrea! I really did have a great time; Hope you do too! Remember the more stuff that doesn't go together, wear it :)


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