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Happy First Birthday, AK!!

Even though I've been feeling like crap since Wednesday afternoon and got another "negative" flu test result at the doctor's office, I want to wish one very special little girl a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!! 

Last Saturday, I got all dolled up and drove my way down to the Coast for this girls first birthday party...

Dear Aubrie Kate, 

Even though I got to your party an hour late, I still got to see you open your presents.  
You were mesmerized by all the Mickey/Minnie Mouse gifts you received. 

Today is your first birthday. 
Today means you have been making your parents and family/friends smile for 365 days.
That's a big deal, honey. Trust me.

I wish you nothing but more fun this next year sweet girl.
Your Mom and Dad love you more than anything and Aunt Cassie isn't far behind them on the love scale.

I hope this day brings you nothing but happiness and lots of sweets.
I know there is more cake to be eaten.

Aunt Cassie 

{Pictures taken from my Instagram and Anna's legit camera} 

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