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Housewarming DIY (on a budget)

So with the lack of my blogging over the past couple of weeks, you are about to be bombarded with new posts this week, ya know....like a real blogger does.

First up: a DIY for anyone who has recently moved into their own apartment or new home

As I say on almost any gift post, I love making gifts/baskets for my friends. Like a lot.

Recently, one of my best friends, moved out of her childhood home and moved across town.
Instead of being  3 minutes apart with a red light, we are now over 30 minutes apart - BIG change.
She moved in while I was getting hit with color in the Big easy, 
so that following Wednesday was the first time I got to visit her in her new apartment.

She is now officially out on her own, big girl status.  So I thought I would bring her a "housewarming" gift.  Now some people bring plants/flowers to new residents - well Kristin is like me aka isn't going to keep a plant alive
So I decided to bring her a housewarming basket - like stuff she could actually use.

Each person could be different, but here are Kristin's essentials to survive:

a white basket to put anything in
Rubbermaid containers to put anything in
two hand towels
hand soap for bathroom
Doritos chips
2 packs of Reese's
Sour Patch Kids
a vase (for flowers, i guess)
air freshener
a Diet coke
and eyeliner (that you didn't know about til last minute cause she couldn't leave because of the cable guy)

I also added some rainbow tissue paper on one corner and made it as cute as I thought it could be.

She liked it.

Now this DIY can be whatever you want it to be, 
just figure out what the recipient likes and the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Happy Housewarming basket making! 

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