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Modern Day Wilma Flintstone.

This past Saturday was one that I truly enjoyed, despite what I said that morning while I was hungry/tired.

A few weeks back, my mom and one of her coworkers mentioned that they were doing a Flintstone themed float for the annual city Christmas parade.  
Well, I am not one to turn down something so ridiculous, so of course I said: "I'm doing that for sure. Count me in as an extra, sista."  

So I get on Pinterest and find the cutest idea for a Flinstone tutu - my mom says "Oh, we can make that." Fabric store complete, and boom! Tutu is almost finished.
 Then I get a call from my mom this past Tuesday at work...

Mom:  "Umm, Pebbles has gotten sick so Wilma (her mom) is out...do you want to be Wilma?"

Me:  Umm, absolutely I will be Wilma.

Mom:  Okay, great.  I will bring the outfit home for you to try on and there is a wig, but you don't have to wear it.

Me: OH, I'm gonna wear the wig.

Mom: Okay, well it doesn't look great, but you can try it.

Me: Oh, I'll try it alright. The more ridiculous, the better.

Mom: You are silly. I have to go. Call me later. Love you. Bye.

So to wrap this story up: I tried on the outfits, picked one.  
Tried on the wig, didn't wear it. 

Because Brooke made my hair so fabulous Saturday morning for our Christmas card photos that I just couldn't cover it up. 

But here are some things you didn't know about Wilma Flintstone in 2012...

She gets highlights.  She is no longer all about her bright orange hair. 

She still rocks the big necklace like no tomorrow.  She may put on a long sleeve shirt underneath her outfit if it's December (but somehow still 70 degrees out).

She is more independent.  She doesn't always have to be around Fred.  She likes her space and he tends to do his own thing as well.   But still has to do her wifely duties and tell him to put his hair back on to get a proper photo.

She still hangs out with Betty.  Her girls are important to her, duh.

So there you have it, the Christmas parade was a success and actually a whole lot of fun. 
Our float won "Best Overall Business" and one of the cavewomen REALLY loved the plaque. 


  1. HA! That is too hilarious. I have never heard of dressing up like this for a Christmas parade, sounds fun!

    [Also althought the wig was SO lovely I don't blame you for not wearing it :P your hair is gorg]

    1. Glad it could make you laugh - and thank you for commenting.

      I can't believe you think my hair is gorg but I'll take it! :)


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