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When you least expect it...

I know a bunch of bloggers are taking a "blogger silence" right now due to the heartbreaking news from Friday,
and I am too in a way (mostly because I don't have anything drafted - been too busy)
but I do have one thing to post,
from a blogger girl I just found and may be slightly obsessed with.

If you haven't met Nicole at her blog, Bloom....You should. Like now.
Click here.

Her Christian outlook on life in every post is my daily reading of peace and calmness.
I really appreciate her voice speaking the Truth.

Here is a smidge of what she talks about...
[A post that really spoke to me today]


"It is in my nature to completely shut my heart down after being hurt or disappointed.
The scenarios above could easily be me. I don’t like to be hurt or disappointed, so I put up a guard. I guard my heart from being hurt.
But, in the process, I guard my heart from the relationships I am meant to have.
Like C.S. Lewis said, once I guard my heart so much, it won’t have the ability to be broken because it will be hardened to everything.
To love is to be vulnerable.

Vulnerable to disappointment, to hurt feelings, to unmet expectations…

But, aren’t there those friendships that have been more to you than you ever could have imagined?
Aren’t there those friends who you know you will have all the way to the grave?
Doesn’t your heart just burst with love and happiness and thankfulness when you think about that friendship? Mine does.

Yes, friendships can be full of trying times and difficult seasons.
They can hurt you and disappoint you.
But, they also fill your life to the brim with love and encouragement and support.
We were MADE for relationships. God didn’t intend to for us to live here, content in our own little worlds, worried about ourselves.
 He made us to love others and enjoy one another’s company and to show the world the love of Jesus by the way we love each other.

Here is my challenge to myself and to you today. Start to break that shell that you’ve formed around your heart. Tell a friend that you’re thinking about her or invite her over for coffee or dinner. Let yourself become vulnerable, even if it’s just a little bit.

Without vulnerability there is no love. And I life without love isn’t a life at all."


  1. Do you remember what post this came from? I'd love to go back and read it... I needed my OWN encouragement today! :) Thanks for sharing this, girl!

    1. I wish I could remember but I went through so many of your posts that day. Literally had no work to do at all, so I read my whole work day.


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