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a VERY special Friday.

Today is a very special Friday.
This afternoon, at 2 pm, I am headed to finally meet the little girl I have been excited about since May 2012.

Dear Natalie Rose,
I have heard how I am going to be obsessed with you from your Aunt Lila.

Your mom, dad, aunt, and grandma are always putting pictures up on Instagram for me to "like".
I can't wait to 'like' you in person.

I can't wait to hold you and talk to you the only way I know how - with sass.
No baby goo-goo-gaga talk, You are welcome.
I can't wait for you, your mom and I to take a photo to finally put in the frame in the picture above this letter to you.
I have waited a while for this - I am so so excited to meet you.
Only a few more hours.

Aunt "I'm Ridiculous" Cassie 

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