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Brooke's Birthday Month, Weekend One. Part One.

We take birthdays pretty serious around here. 
This past Friday was Brooke's 23rd birthday. 
I did the typical hide a balloon and gifts in her car the night before and once again my mom drove the getaway car.  

Friday (January 11), I mentioned her birthday on all my social networks and really hoped she had a wonderful day.  
Friday night's festivities almost ended with me getting a tattoo, but that was quickly changed when my mom reminded me how I'm allergic to pretty much everything, my skin is super ridiculous, and how much she hates tattoos. 


Here is how the conversation went down with me and the tattoo artist....

Me: So do people with sensitive skin/skin problems get tattoos a lot?

TA: Have you seen a dermatologist already? 

Me: No, not yet but I do plan on going this year. 

TA: Yeah, I would definitely talk to a dermatologist first.  They can tell you more about what is really going on with your skin, but our inks are all natural ingredients.  But definitely go to the dermatologist first.

Me: Okay, thank you.

End of discussion. 


So after an almost permanent mark on my body, I was there for moral support/person to capture images for Instagram for Brooke and Kara.  
This was both their 3rd tattoo.  
(wish I had their skin)

Brooke (the Birthday girl) was up first: 

Kara was up next and got a bigger cross further down on her back.

After two more family members got tattoos as well, 
we made our way to dinner. 

We went to Alumni House to eat some really good food and listen to really bad karaoke.
I had a wonderful night but we called it early (10 pm) because we had an even BIGGER Saturday planned.

Operation #90sforBrooke was about to commence......


  1. Y'all DO have big birthdays!! Excited to see more about what took place this weekend. :)

    1. Saturday's post will be up Thursday! :)

  2. I want a tattoo so bad, but my body rejects anything foreign. I can't have my ears pierced either! My Mom has me so freaked out that I'll get an allergic reaction and die...probably just because she hates tattoos!

    1. Ha that sounds just like me Aly. I have mine pierced but I can't wear any earrings that aren't real.


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