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Brooke's Birthday Month. Weekend One. Part Two.

Ever had one of those Saturday's where you are going going going all day that you don't even stop to eat lunch until 4pm? 
Well that was me this past Saturday.

I woke up around 8:45 to get my day started. Drove to buy the MacBook, drove to Brooke's Salon to get my hair done, drove to David's Bridal to try on bridesmaid's dresses, ate lunch and discussed bachelorette party plans, drove home to change, drove to Brooke's house for the most fun birthday party.

Read below...


Brooke decided this year that her birthday party would be....90's themed.
I love any excuse to dress up but I was a little curious as to what I would end up being.

After a quick little stop in Material Girls, my mom found the perfect neon crop top for $7 that I just couldn't pass up.

I ended up being an extra on Saved By the Bell.
And everyone believed me because I mean who knows who was getting stuff out of their lockers in that hall? They don't. Bam. 

Just an extra and Urkel.
Did, did I do that.....??

Yes that would be high-waisted jeans up to my belly button and Ginger Spice.

If the dressing up and being surrounded by slap bracelets, Guess Who, Twister, Beanie babies and a giant Pikachu were not enough, we had a scavenger hunt to begin.  

I'm gonna let the photos speak for themselves but the rules were: 

Be back by 10 pm.

Whichever team got back first would receive 2000 extra points. 

500 points if someone had glasses on in your photo/video.

Must have all photos on one team member's camera. (We used my Iphone).

1000 extra points if there is a Carebear in your photo/video.

1. Picture of team member with the number 23 

2.  Picture of team member blowing bubbles with a stranger 

3.  Picture of team member asking/getting a stranger's autograph 

4.  Picture of ENTIRE team looking at tattoos (1000 bonus points if team member gets a picture with a tattoo artist) 

5.  Picture of team member with a jukebox 

6.  Picture of team member doing the Mary Catherine Gallagher 'Super Star' pose with a stranger 

7.  Picture of team member with the letter "B" written on food - must be edible - use your imagination
(we lost 500 points because I did not take a picture with Brooke in it) 

8.  Picture of team member with a 5 item grocery list written in chalk in a parking lot 

9.  Picture of team member doing the Mary Catherine Gallagher 'make out' with a tree

10.  Picture of team member doing silly faces with a kid 

11. Picture of team member with a cupcake/cupcakes 

12.  Picture of ENTIRE team reading books (1000 extra points if one is a Harry Potter or Hunger Games book) 

13.  Picture of team member with a garden gnome. 

14. Picture of team member at a Redbox (1000 extra points if holding a movie) 

15.  Picture of team member riding a kiddie ride 

There were also some videos but for some reason I have not yet figured out how to upload videos besides the one on YouTube here on Blogger. Any advice so you can see these? 

After we got back first and ended up WINNING the Scavenger Hunt, we made our way out to Club Magoo's to continue celebrating Brooke's birthday.

Taylor and I 

Somehow my hair still looked great, to me. 

Me and the Birthday girl 

After dancing until 2:30 am, we made our way to Ihop.
We had the most delicious pancakes and had a gentleman pay for the entire meal.
Pretty good day/night/morning. 

Weekend Number two will commence this weekend in NOLA. 


  1. YES your hair does look fantastic, and I love that ya'll do theme parties!! This is definitely an idea I need to steal for my next birthday celebration!

    1. It was literally so much fun. I have always loved the 90's and still think that's the best era of music.


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