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Dear Natalie Rose,

Dear Natalie Rose,
You, my dear, are beautiful.  

You literally made me put my hands to my mouth the minute I saw you. 
I guess it wouldn't be too far fetched to say that you took my breath away.  

Meeting you this past weekend was one of the best highlights of my month and considering it's only January, maybe my year. 
I loved holding  you.  

I loved the fact that your mom and dad were like "you want to hold her?" "you can get her." I mean, literally I hogged you most of the weekend and I loved it.  

With you sleeping on my chest on the couch Saturday and Sunday, I felt at peace.  Feeling you little hand on my neck and your other hand holding on to my hair - It couldn't have been more perfect.  I didn't want to let you go, little girl. 
You already have a routine that I definitely picked up on.  Sleep - wake up - cry - bottle time.  Finish bottle - burp - change diaper - fight sleep - fall asleep for a couple hours - wake up - cry - bottle.  

Very simple to follow.  

I loved feeding you and watching your lip quiver when you would take breaks from your big gulps of milk.  I also loved seeing your hand relax when you finally succumbed to sleep. 
You are the cutest little girl and your parents are doing a mighty fine job at taking care of you.  

I plan on seeing you again very, very soon. 

Aunt Cassie 


  1. The title of this post caught me off guard. Natalie Rose is my name too! LOL. She's adorable :)

  2. So beautiful! Congrats! Being an aunt is the best!!!


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