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I was walkin in Memphis...

I know y'all are probably wondering how I rang in the New Year.
Well, let me tell you...it was a rainy experience that I would do all over again if I could. 

I woke up around 8 on that Monday, finished packing, and picked up Brooke so we could eat Ihop before we got on the road.  

Didn't get to Memphis until after 1 pm, went straight to eat at Huey's (local restaurant that is like right beside the Peabody).  We then walked around (it was sprinking, windy and cold the entire day by the way) and bought hats at a souvenier shop.  

Went into Wet Willies and got a frozen drink, not smart in the cold.  Walked to Coyote Ugly, nobody was in there except one man and a bartender.  Walked some more. (We are walking so much because we can't check into our hotel until the rest of our people got to Memphis and they didn't arrive until 7:30 that night).  

Around 11 we are dressed and ready to go to The Peabody, I drive because I am not sure about this "shuttle bus" that was gonna come pick us up. A bus to drop us off and may not pick us back up? 
No thanks.


We arrive at the the Peabody around 11:20 or so and meet up with one of our friend's guys she was meeting from Iowa.  Something wonderful happened around 11:59 - I got my FIRST New Year's kiss EVER. Yes, ever.   He had on a bowtie and was just completely presh.

 Kristin and David

Me and Brooke Cheering to the New Year.
My cup is empty on purpose.

Us and Northern Gentleman

We danced and talked until 2 am when Kristin was getting hungry.  We then walked around downtown Memphis trying to find a place to eat. Lines everywhere, I don't know why I thought we would be able to fill our belly's quickly. 

  Walked to a pizza place near Beale street and all of a sudden this guy opens up a side door to another building and was like "come in, come in hurry!" so we rush in because we see empty tables and chairs and it could at least be a place to rest, regroup and figure out a dining plan.  

All of a sudden this black girl comes from another room and says "yall wanna order something to eat?" We are all looking at her like she is an angel sent straight from Heaven. Of course we said yes.  So here I am sitting next to a guy I really don't know and we share a meal, cute.  Come to find out we are eating in the lobby of the Hampton Inn and Suites two streets over from Beale. Did we care? Nope. 

I kept linking my arm with his when we were walking downtown everywhere.
He would squeeze the arm I was linked in and my hand was at little warmer.
Pretty sweet.

I may never hear from him again but I can look back and say:
What. a. night. 

I also can't wait to go back next year.

What did your NYE plans consist of???


  1. What a fun NYE! We are babies and left our party about about... 12:10. Hahah! And don't you love Huey's!? So good!

    1. LOVE Huey's! I loved being the tour guide for Brooke who had never even seen Beale Street! Thank you for leaving comments - makes my day!

  2. That dress.....Cassie. Fantastic.

    1. Eek! Thank you Shae! The top layer rubbed the inside of my arms raw but it was fine once I put my jacket on.


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