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I'm back...for just a second...

Well, guess what everyone? My laptop DIED. 

I mean all the moves I was doing to keep it going and charged has finally said 'enough.' 
I have been dying to get my 2012 recap up for a while now and this is being written on one of my bff's laptop.  So without further ado....


January...where it all began last year.  I rang in the new year with Colleen and her hubby in Tupelo, MS and went 'riding the creek', held a gun, taught dances in a kitchen, and drank Coke all night. I went to NOLA for Brooke's birthday and had an absolute BLAST. The hats we bought at a gas station was the best purchase we made.  I also filled Brooke's car up with balloons and wore all black to put them in there at night, such a sneaky little thang [sister helped mucho].  I also went to the Children's museum and may have had more fun than Bray. 


February could be described as wonderful changes.  I bought my FIRST NEW CAR, went to see Aubrie Kate grow just a bit more, and held Kara and Brooke's hands as they got 'matching sister tattoos.'  I did not get to go to the coast for our annual Mardi Gras tradition, but I did give up something for Lent: ALL fried foods. 


March was the month I decided I was going to attend Color Runs in my future - so glad I did.  I went to Monroe, Louisiana to visit my bff, Cupit.  We went to the movies, ate mexican, laughed over margaritas, got pedicures and I even treated myself to my first Michael Kors purse.  Anna's 24th birthday also fell into this month and we celebrated as any young 20 year old would do - eat, casino, club and be in bed by 11, duh.  It was such nice weekends and reminds me that friendship truly doesn't matter how long it's been - if your truly best friends, you can pick up right where you left off.


April was also a month of birthday celebrations for two pretty girls: Kristin and Kara.  I threw a whole day of pampering at Kristin and still managed to surprise her on her actual birthday. Kara had the best Harry Potter Party (say that 5 times fast) that I've ever attended.  I honestly cannot wait for her Hunger Games party in 2013.  Easter was a wonderful time to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with friends and family.  The real highlights of April were the DOUBLE DATE DISASTER and meeting a hot mess at McAlister's all with Brooke.  Can't imagine anyone I would have rather had those encounters with.


May was my month.  My birthday month, to be correct.  To say I celebrated the whole time would not be an understatement.  I started my birthday month being suprised by my best girls with gifts on my car, all day at work, and of course that night.  The next week, my bff Cupit was in town so we celebrated all over again at a local Mexican restaurant.  Then, the big weekend occured in Nola - where I realized I will never drink alcohol out of a tube again and that I really do love that place, even when I'm leaving my alcohol-infused DNA all over their 'classy' streets.


June was a first for something me and an almost 4 year old had never attended: the CIRCUS! It was such a great time watching Bray (and my eyes) get big seeing elephants stand on two feet and walk around like humans. Truly magnificent.  I had help but ending up shocking one of my best guy friend's for his 25th birthday.  Played photographer for Brooke and Brailyn at the park and Lila came to visit one weekend and we laid out by the pool, ate too much food, and spent time together.


July was full of unexpected suprises:  Channing Tatum retweeted one of my tweets on twitter about his new film, Magic Mike (which I saw 3 times in theaters).  Mark Long retweeted and replied to me on Twitter as well.  I spent time with friends underneath the fireworks and became 'red hot' myself as I got a HUGE sunburn at the end of the summer in Gulf Shores, Alabama. 


August began a new tradition for me: Oxford, MS.  I went to celebrate two birthdays: Lila's belated birthday and Taylor's actual birthday.  Mexican food and mustaches were the theme that weekend.  I also realized that you just can't order a drink and then walk around outside...Oh Nola, you spoil me so.  Speaking of Taylor, she decided she wanted to win $100 at a karaoke competition and did.  I also finished up Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy once Amazon shipped it to me this month.


September had a lot of celebrating one particular person in it: Miss Brailyn Belle.  The finale being her Tangled party that was a sure hit. I got on the Advocare system that month and even considered being a distributor.  I was off caffeine the whole month and felt great.  I also went to a local club and met Longreef, an Australian band that changed my mind on a lot of things.  I saw my first groupie, got a free cd, a chat on their tour bus and made one of the guitar players laugh.


October was a whirlwind of a month.  Literally the entire month was absolutely incredible.  It all started on October 1st when I went to my first All American Rejects concert and MET the band.  I may have also never felt hotter than I did that night (thanks to my personal hairstylist, Brooke). I attended my first Color Run in Memphis with two of my best girls and the inside jokes from that trip will last us a long time.  After that, it was Colleen's baby shower, Merry Claire's wedding, Colleen and Justin's FIRST wedding anniversary, and halloween festivities galore.  I almost missed the time to watch Hocus Pocus, but I did and it was comedic, as always. I also got a new blog design this month and still smile when I look at it (thanks again, Camilla!)


November was a month of learning: learning what my body needed and how to properly fuel it.  New medicines becoming a routine and a lack of routine with my second Color Run.  Spending a weekend in New Orleans with my mom and sister will be one that I never forget.  Her generosity of always going above and beyond for us showed that weekend, and the semi-awkwardness of taking her in clubs on Bourbon Street will always be remembered. I also joined a gym this month and kept reminding myself of how blessed I really am.


December came with its ups and downs - from a best friend having her first baby to my mom and I coming down with the flu.  Aubrie Kate turned one and I drove all the way down to witness that little girl crawling, cackling, and full of cake. A few traditions were remembered and celebrated: Keifer's, Tacky Christmas sweater party, and Christmas light lookin,'

Dear 2012,

You were a very, very good year to me.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed pretty much every weekend you gave me.  My trips were unexpected and the events completely took me by surprise sometimes.
My new car got me to every destination I needed with no trouble and I have already put 13,000+ miles, and even more memories.  I have watched two of my best friends become mothers and laughed more than I cried.

2013, you have some big shoes to fill but I don't think it's going to be a problem.



  1. I was so excited to see you back in blogland, even just for a minute! I'm afraid our computer batteries share a brain, because mine is dangerously close to life support too. Happy 2013!!

  2. Hey girl! I'd like to give you a blog award! Hooray!! http://www.shaeken.com/2013/01/a-blog-award-oh-hooray.html


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