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Thursday Thoughts

I have been doing a lot of thinking this week and there are some things I can't stop thinking about....

1.  Crossfit. 
Has anybody tried it? Is it for a girl who can barely lift 10 pound weights for more than 2 reps?  I have hardly any idea what it's all about and I am constantly seeing it fill up my Instagram news feed. 

2.  Eating 'clean.'
This sort of goes hand in hand with the crossfit theme that has recently attacked my IG.  I am a very picky eater who can't cook (or who has no desire to even try to cook) so I am not sure how well this one will go over with my stomach.  I have very mild stomach issues most days and drink water like it's going out of style.  But I read that unless you change your eating habits, you aren't really going to get anywhere physically. 

My sister recently told me about a woman that is 24, a MOM to a 3 year old, a 2nd year MED STUDENT, and is physically training for a bikini fitness competiton.  If you are as impressed as I am, find her on Instagram at:

I am blown away.  I just wish I had her motivation. 

3.  Anti-Valentine's Day
It is no secret that I don't have a boyfriend or even a love interest at all.  Considering two of my besties are also in this predicament, we have decided that February 14 is going to be our Anti-Valentine's day party.  Dinner, watching My Bloody Valentine, and going out on the town is what will be on our agenda that night.  I can't wait.  However, I do want to make some really cute gifts for them - anyone have any ideas as an anti-valentines day gift? Trying to steer clear of candy too - we are all trying to get rid of our "love" handles.

4.  A quote: "Sometimes we're all too quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count." 
I am totally guilty of this.  I am always looking at my planner that I keep in my purse and making plans with friends and family.  Planning weekend trips is basically my hobby.  Everytime Sunday rolls around, I am contemplating where I will drive my 2 door Honda to next.  I need to slow down and realize every day is a gift.  Not just Friday afternoons when I arrive at my destination. 

5.  Drinking water. 
I am currently taking in about 6 Dasani bottles (or more) of water a day.  However, I am somehow not as able to give up my Dr. Peppers as easily as I did last time.  I have my Spark now, so I shouldn't have any excuses.  Just gotta bite the bullet, I guess.

6. Breakfast foods.
Any advice on 'clean eating' for breakfast?  
My turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread are what's for lunch these days but breakfast? I just grab something and go.  I need to incorporate more protein which is eggs for me, but I need ideas and stuff that would not take long to cook. 
Anything on your mind lately that you just can't get out of your head? 
Good or bad?


  1. I'm having an "I hate valentines day" party too! Dinner and then out on the town to scope out the other lonely singles :)
    I'm always waiting on Friday- it's such a bad thing to do, but the weekends are the only days you get to yourself.
    And lastly, I'm emailing you the enegy balls that I eat. They're to die for!

    1. Ooh yay! Can't wait! We are gonna have some lovely Feb. 14ths!! Ha :)

  2. Every year I buy myself a cute pair of Valentine's Day shoes. I think I might like that better than candy anyway! :)

    Oh the healthy eating front, I posted recipes a while back (you can see the Cooking tab on my blog) for some protein packed banana bread that is seriously SO good that I love for breakfast. I also eat those no bake energy balls that I have the recipe up for like they are going out of style.


  3. On Crossfit: it's a butt-kicker, but so very awesome and worth it! I've done it a few times, but can't afford to actually join one (holy expensive!), so I lift weights in the morning and then either do Advocare's Can You 24 DVD at home, or go for a run.
    Good job getting on Spark! I'd be in a total fog every day without it! Dr. Pepper...yeah, bite the bullet. :)
    Clean eating...is oatmeal on the list? That's what I eat for breakfast...NOT the kind with all of the sugar crap in it, just plain with a sliced banana, or during the summer, fresh fruit! YUM!
    Good luck your health and nutrition goals!!

  4. Girl... eggs are SUPER quick to make... put your little skillet on the stove the night before... wake up turn the stove on high get the pan super hot... mix your eggs up and dump in the pan. Immediatly turn the oven OFF and then just stir... this will cook 2-3 eggs perfectly and you will never burn/overcook them. I usually toast a whole wheat english muffin in the toaster while I stir the eggs. It pops out and and VIOLA breakfast in under 7 mins at around 270 calories and 9 grams of fat


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