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Workout Wednesday

Last month I joined our local Anytime Fitness and honestly, I'm loving it.
It may be the fact that I can watch Pretty Little Liars on the cardio machines and try to figure out who A is or maybe it's because I can always count on my two girls to go with me.

Brooke and Kara are my motivators and I cherish them. 

As I was scoping out Pinterest the other day, I found two new workouts that I will be trying in the near future....

An arm workout is definitely needed - tired of flab.
And I am constantly on the elliptical so this would be a good workout - if I can stay off Netflix long enough to follow it. 

The reason why I'm all about getting into great shape is because I received this in the mail the other day.....

One of my BEST friends is getting married in a CASTLE and I cannot wait to stand beside her on her BIG day.
But I wanna look ridiculously good under out elegant bridesmaids dresses while I'm at it. 

And I will. 

Any pre-wedding advice you have for getting in great shape even if I am just a bridesmaid? 


  1. Oh I love that arm workout!! I need to start this ASAP!! Congrats on being a bridesmaid in a castle!! My recommendation would be decreasing fat in diet and monitoring calories. I find (especially over the past few years) this has been just as helpful to me as working out!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I actually signed in to My Fitness Pal app today so that should help keep me accountable.

  2. I love myfitness pal!! That has been my best friend through my weightloss journey. My advice is order a dress that fits you when you go in. Don't try to order a size smaller and hope you make it- it can always be altered! ( I learned my lesson... oops!)

    1. Def following that advice Emily. Right now a 12 fits, but we don't have to have it ordered until the end of April so I'm excited to see how much I can lose.


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