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Workout Wednesday

This past Monday, I had a holiday - Thank you MLK. 
I had my whole day semi-planned:

Power Barre at 9:30 a.m.

Maybe lunch with Jonathan and Jeremy.

Get my Iphone software updated at the Apple store.

Hang out with Kristin and Cobie.

This is what my day ended up being:

Power Barre at 9:30 a.m.

Hang out for a couple hours until Jeremy, Jonathan and I run errands and eat lunch at Newks.

Come back to the Pilates Studio and hang out.

Try the Sauna for 30 minutes.
Take a shower and put my workout clothes back on.

Watch some Kardashians.
Buy some Spark from Jonathan at the front desk.

Sign up for the 4:30 pilates class.
Make it through the hour long pilates class.

Drive to Kristin and Cobie's.
Eat Newk's again for dinner.

Watch The Bachelor, Teen Mom 2 and the Catfish episode in Jackson, MS (where I live).
Drive home and crawl in bed at 11:45 at night.
I'm tired and sore, but here is my recap of Power Barre.
I LOVED Power Barre.

It was pretty much like aerobics and we only grabbed the barre a few times.
I'm sure other classes are different but this teacher targeted all our trouble areas,
 and even rested with us when needed.

I will definitely be going back next month on our next work holiday, Feb. 18. 
Can't wait.
I just won't also get in the sauna AND do Pilates after the barre class. 
That was wayyy too much.


P.S.  If you are reading this, would you please send some prayers/positive energy towards my mom today?  She is currently undergoing a surgery to get a biopsy on a bump in her arm. All prayers/thoughts are appreciated in advance. 

Update: Surgery went very well.  We are all home and resting.
Thank you for the continuous prayers. 


  1. Hey girlie- so glad you loved barre! You're crazy for doing that AND pilates in one day- way to go! Thinking of your Mama!

    1. Ha, right? Definitely won't do all that again. But thank you - the surgery went well. Waiting to go back and see her.


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