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Workout Wednesday


Last night at the gym:

20 minutes on elliptical - 200 calories burned
25 minutes on bike - 7-ish miles/105 calories burned
Strength training that involved 8 pound weights, 10 pound weights with added squats.


Guess what is starting up again at my work this Friday...? 


I am excited because I would love to know what this scale says (the one at my house is a hot mess) and see how many changes I can do by the end of April.  

The end of April is also the deadline to purchase my bridesmaid dress so I am excited to see if I can drop from the same size I tried on. 
We start Friday - paying our $10.00 and getting on the scale. 
I put this as a Workout Wednesday post because I think it coincides with something I'm gonna try to accomplish (again) - the c25k app on my Iphone.  

I am not a runner in any shape or form, but I am going to give it a try.  IF I can reach this goal of completing c25k, I will be more likely to say 'yes' to Lila about an actual half-marathon this year.  We will see.
Anybody have any tips on how to keep up with that app? 
OR tips for a new runner? 
OR for losing weight? 

Any and all tips and hints are appreciated - leave 'em in the comment section, y'all.

P.S.  If you have a My Fitness Pal app, my name is blogsmaidcass - would love to be friends with you on there. 


  1. Hey Cassie! Best of luck in the competition! Lord knows I need to drop some pounds and for me weight watchers really works when I stick to it! Also, check out Groupon for different fitness classes at gyms in your area - that way you have a variety and aren't always running on a treadmill! Cross training really works!


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