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Dear February,

Dear February,

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but you gotta go.  
I am usually like this during the month of 'love' so don't take it personally this year.  
This month has had it's ups and downs.  
One up being the Anti-Valentine's day party and one down being a super not-interested/attracted blind date all in the same week.

Now I totally get that last year I had a great February.  I bought my first new car back on Feb. 17, 2012 and trust me, that day changed my life.  I still get that "is this really my car?" feeling, but after 12 payments, that feeling has subsided just a bit.  This month cost me another $250 bucks to get a new tag on it.  Not great. 

Besides money for a tag this month, yes you February, also strapped me for broke when I went to the pharmacy to get one prescription that costs $98.17 - trust me, I'm looking for a different generic.  Yes, you read that right: almost a benjamin for a GENERIC prescription. 

That doesn't even count my car note, student loan payment, cell phone bill, car insurance, and gym payments.  I calculated all that out on February 1st and realized I wasn't going to be going on very many trips this month.  Or looking at my paychecks - ever move out into my own apartment or buy a legit amount of groceries for clean eating.  Thanking the Good Lord I still live with my parents (rent free) and they can purchase most of my meals is what I have done most of this month. 

While some people might be caught up with the Love Bug still this month, I'm not.  
I am ready to kill it in the gym in March.  I have too many goals and this month of love, chocolate, and sour candy just isn't for me. 
Let's move on. 

Let's MARCH on.

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