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it's FINALLY Friday.....

So so so glad that it's Friday.

First up: the Giveaway winner is...........

#6 Colleen! 

I am so glad to have you as a new follower and I can't wait for you to get this book! 
Please email me at cassandralynn23@gmail.com. 

This weekend I plan on a lot of quality friend time with friends in my area. 
That's right - I'm not traveling way out of town this weekend.

Tonight: Dinner/drinks with Jeremy and Jonathan

Saturday: getting my hair done
going out

Sunday:  SUPERBOWL party

and I will be wearing this......

Since I can't be in Nola, I will rep dat city.

Oh and I guess I am rooting for the 49ers. 
Who are you rooting for? 


  1. Nooooo 49ers suck... google the quarterback he has said some pretty crappy things lately AND they just suck. I'm pulling for whoever is against them... (Balt) Also, can't wait for the halftime show!


  2. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I need to get my hair done as well, thanks for the reminder!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to have won this giveaway and I can't wait to read the book. Emailing you now!


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