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Weekend Recap.

This past weekend was just what I needed: gym and girl time.

I have officially begun the c25k app and have already completed week 1.  
Feeling a bit accomplished and running has not been a huge struggle, so that's a plus.

Friday night began with me teasing my own hair just a little bit (big goal here) and then going out to dinner with three of my best girls.
Saturday I was woken up by a text message at 7:56 am saying not to cheat this weekend on my diet.  Well, I thought I could go back to sleep - nope. 
Got up around 9 and went to the gym. 
Took this photo:

Then I went home, took a shower and met Brooke and Kara at the salon.  Went to lunch around 2:30 - was starving.
Went home and hung out a bit before going back over to Brooke/Kara's to hang out the rest of the night - watching a movie, sitting in a massage chair, eating chocolate chip cookies.
Sunday morning = gym time.  
Then went to the rodeo in the pouring rain. 

After eating a bite for dinner, it was back to the gym to finish the last episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 2. 
 I am kinda upset that Netflix only has two seasons on there.  

Guess I'll have to start Gossip Girl this week in the gym.  I've never seen it.  
And there is 5 seasons on Netflix of their show. #winning

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  1. You're going to become obsessed with GG like me!


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