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Weekend Recap....finally.

The weekend came and went pretty fast but I would be lying if I said I didn't make the most of the 48+ hours I was given.  

Friday seemed to drag but once 5 pm got here, I was out the door to hang out with two of my favs, Jeremy and Jonathan.  We laughed, ate wayy too much food, watched Paranormal Activity 4 and then I watched all of Pitch Perfect while they snored loudly. 
Saturday morning I woke up super early for the weekend (9 am) and made my way to Brooke's salon.  I had to get a new look.  My style was so not fresh anymore.  Brooke mixed a little concoction together and bam - I am now a brunette again with some red mixed in. I love it - and from the sounds of my compliments today, so do my co-workers. 

After hair was perfected, 
it was time to eat lunch before I went shopping to purchase this:

I had to have it and thankfully my sister went in and grabbed the last Large leggings for me so I could try it on, fall in love, and then immediately buy it.  Another item I fell in love with was a certain chevron print dress that was to die for, so cute.  

After a bunch of convincing on instagram, I went back to the store a couple hours later to purchase it.  (However, my mom is saying it's my valentine's present from her now - I'll take it).  Can't wait to lose a couple more inches and it will not be snug anywhere. 
Saturday night was time to go out with the girls and get our dance on.  
No, I did not wear these heels out dancing (in the photo below), just for pictures.  
Comfort before cracked skulls, girls.  

Sleep occured Sunday morning around 4 - woke up at 12.  
Cleaned my room before heading to a friend's apartment for the Superbowl Party.  

My contribution to the SuperBowl festivities. 

Can't be in Nola so we wear Nola. 

One of my plates.
I wish I was kidding. 

I was definitely thinking this after all the lights went out in the Superdome after the Raven player ran 100+ yards.  Insane. 

Our food. 

Didn't even make it to half time. Sad. 

I was rooting for the 49ers, but the real winner was Beyonce and Destiny's child.  
I squealed like my 8th grade self all over again.  
I threw my hands in the air during the performance and waved them like I didn't care. 

I came home to my dog wondering where the heck I had been. 
Here is proof:

"Cassie, you smell like 2 other dogs and I'm not happy about it." 

Such a fun weekend.  
Wish I would have eaten a salad at some point instead of fries, fried pickles, cookies, and every other calorie filled item I could get my greasy fingers on. 

Oh well, cardio all week..
Come back tomorrow for Workout Wednesday. 

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