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Workout Wednesday

This week I am currently making a few changes. 

Saturday, I decided it was 'leg' day. 
I don't know what everyone else defines it but here was how I did 'leg' day. 

Treadmill: c25k week 3, day 3 

Squats with a 20 pound barbell on my shoulders
(3 reps of 10 at a time with a minute break in between) 

10 single standing calf raises on each leg 

Leg press 20 times

Leg Extensions/Reverse leg extensions with 40 pound weight on each machine

Bicycle: 45 minutes or Episode 6 of Gossip Girl, Season one 


Anybody do "leg days?" 

Anything in particular that you do? 

And remember....

Happy Wednesday, err'body. 


  1. I am starting my workouts tomorrow when my elliptical arrives! I can't wait. I wanna be on that thing all day long! hahah...ok not all day...but you get it.

    1. I try to avoid the elliptical at all costs. Can't stay on longer than 20 mins. Good luck!!


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