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A slump and a question (or two).

This is one of the very first photos I ever put on my blog.
It was the reason I decided to start a blog.
I have recently lost that desire to blog.


I know that these feelings are circulating around in the blog-o-sphere with other girls pages I read, and I just want to say that I think it is perfectly normal to feel like that.
We get busy.
Blogs just don't see so important some days.
It's okay.

But sometimes you just need to take a step back and realize what you created this blog for.
A place to come back to and remember.
Remember the times you shared with family and friends.
Or the time you swam in a lake for the first time at the ripe age of 23 years old and you want to be able to document that specific time and many others.


Blogs are wonderful but sometimes you go through a slump where you don't know what to write about and wonder if it has enough 'substance' to even be a post.
That's where you come in...
Ask me a question about literally anything.

I am always an open book.
Anything you want to know about me and never had the chance to ask??

Start now.
Leave a comment below - and if the question is personal - shoot me an email at

Can't wait to read your questions and answer them soon! :)


  1. You know you're my #1 motivation for running/fitness/etc. What motivates you and can you share some #ProTips?

  2. Seriously, same comment as above! I'm loving all of the fitness posts, your workout Wednesday's are my favorite! I'd love to see more of that, you're working it in the gym these days and are such a huge motivator for fitness for me.


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