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Dear Natalie Rose,

Today, you are 3 months old. 

Three months ago you changed a few people's lives, most importantly your mom and dad's.  There are a few other's who have been heavily impacted by your birth, 
and I know for certain that they love you to death.
I have only gotten to hold you and squeeze your cheeks twice in this three month span, but here are a few things I have learned.

1.  You have a million different facial expressions.  Sassy, silly, sweet, etc.

2.  You only cry/get upset when you are hungry.  You got that from your mom.

3.  You enjoy watching basketball.  

Your mom thinks it's because you are seeing a bunch of movement on the screen, but I know it's because deep down you want to bond with me.  I love basketball.

4.  You don't care what you have on, you will rock it.  Headbands are not your thing yet, but dresses - oh, the dresses.  You are a doll.

5.  You do not enjoy tummy time - which is a little disheartening because Aunt Cassie loves for you to nap on her chest.  That didn't happen much at all this past weekend.

6.  You already have a recognition of American History, which I thought would have been tough to master so young. Your favorite person so far...George Washington: 

Happy 3 months of living on this earth, Natalie Rose.  
You are a gem and I am so glad I've gotten to make crazy faces at you for two weekends now.  You really don't know how sweet it is when you grab my finger and hold on tight.  
And when you smiled at me for the first time on Saturday? Heart be still. 

Best moment: riding in the backseat with you this past Saturday night.  You were holding on to my finger, we were having a staring/blinking contest (you won) and you were listening to every dumb thing I said.  It was honestly the best moment.  

I take wayyyy too many photos of you and honestly, I don't care.  
I hope you have enjoyed the first 3 months on this earth, Natalie.  
Because I obviously have enjoyed you being here. 

Sweet dreams love bug.

I'll see you soon,
Aunt Cassie 

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