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Friday's Five

1.  My newest workout shirt that I am OBSESSED with.
If you would like to order one, email Misti at misti@bohbackpacks.com. 

For $25 bucks (5 of the dollars is shipping - you can't beat it.)
And it either comes in a tshirt or cut up for you like mine above.

2.  That Nicole got my message on her WEDDING DAY! 
Her name now rhymes and I could not be happier for someone I've never met. 

3.  Being able to wear a dress with the back cut out and not being self conscious about it.
However, everyone at the baby shower was wearing jeans and I was in a dress.

4.  Taking the SAME photo in the SAME house three years apart.
Time may pass, but friendship never fades. 

5.  Meeting my "newest" niece for the first time. 
Half sister lives in Michigan and they made a weekend trip. 

Happy Friday Everyone!!
I'm headed to Tupelo to hold another baby.

P.S.  I emailed my 'crossfit instructor' and politely declined his offer to keep doing Crossfit on Wednesday night.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to perform Wednesday's WOD (workout of the day) to my best ability because I was completely exhausted, mentally and physically.
I decided I want to focus on and complete my c25k program.
Running needs to be my main focus right now.
And if i can't give 100% when I run, what's the point?
I have specific goals I want to accomplish and I put too much on my workout plate.

Thank you for the constant encouragement. 
I haven't given up working out, just going back to what I was doing.

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