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Here comes Cassie Cottontail...

I hope by the time you are reading this, 
you have come down from your sugar high.

I had a lovely Easter weekend. 

It began Saturday when I went to the mall with my mom to pick out some more treats for my Easter basket. 
Yes, I still get an Easter basket and will for years to come. 
I am so so so so so glad my mom loves to still play "Easter Bunny." 

Saturday night was time with Brooke and Brailyn.
We have traditions now that we must do: dye eggs and plant magic jelly beans.
It's pretty great. 

Me - Cassie CottonTail


Made her close her eyes...


Her basket included: 

A "somebunny loves me" pink bunny
LOTS of candy
A tube of lipstick 
2 packs of carrot bubbles 
Eggs filled with candy worms and jelly beans 

I even got a basket from Kara and was also surprised. 
After that we made the "magic jelly beans":

To make magic jelly beans (that turn into suckers in the morning), you need: 

Jelly beans
Ziploc bag 
A fancy spell

We used: "jelly belly don't you telly" and said it four times.

Let your 4 year old shake the bag and bam! done!
Go plant the beans in the yard. Voila. 


Easter morning was also wonderful.
Got up at the crack of dawn because church started bright and early at 7:30 am. 

But the Easter bunny came to see me, remember? 

I may or may not have taken those ears off for church.

Hoppy Easter EveryBUNNY! 

Remember Jesus is the real reason for Easter.
Enjoy your Reese's eggs but don't forget to just sit in awe of what our Lord did for us so many years ago now on the cross.  



  1. Hoppy Easter Cassie :) I love seeing that you had such a great weekend :)

  2. Happy Easter!! I made little baskets for my Goddaughter, my other friend's two little boys, and the guy I'm dating. The kids loved theirs. The dogs loved the other one when we left it on the table.....oops!



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