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If you really knew me...

I have totally taken this idea from Sarah which she posted months ago,
my Instagram #photoaday is for 10 facts so I thought what better way than with...

If you really knew me...

1.  I do not wear heels, unless its for a photo op - and I can take them off right after.

2.  I am typically a very calm person, the only two times I get anxiety is answering the phone and bumper to bumper traffic.

3.  I hate mayonaisse but love cole slaw.

4.  My ideal bedtime would be 8:30 p.m. in my old, grandma-ish ways.

5.  A good laugh and a long, bubble bath can cure any ailment I have.

6.  I will always love to dance, professionally on a dance team or on the dance floor.

7.  I hate first dates.

8.  When I don't get enough sleep, I am not a pleasant person to be around.

9.  I crave Mexican food once a week.

10.  I love being with my friends and if I can't be with them,
text messages with emojicons is pretty much the best second runner up.

Any facts about you? 

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