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MYBW - Day Four.

Monday: Clean Eating. 
Tuesday:  Supplements to help me in the gym and life
Wednesday: Workouts
Thursday: plans to make myself feel pampered
Friday:  friendships/travel time


Thursday:  Pampering Yourself

If you have ever talked to me for an extended period of time or read this blog for a few months, you are certain to know one thing: I love taking bubble baths. 

It is the one thing I crave by the time 8 oclock rolls around, if I've had a really rough day, rough workout, or even if I've had a great day.   I take a bath every night, but bubble baths are even more special to me. It's that little extra effort to make myself feel better.

I highly recommend taking time for yourself.  It's not selfish, its necessary to keep yourself and your skin sane.  My current bathing routine (keep in mind - its just me, no bf/husband/kids to chase around).  Take an hour bath in very warm water.  Shave underarms nightly, legs (every other day - I like to stay smooth), use a scrub once a week on arms and feet.

Once out of the bath, I wash my face.  I typically do not wear any makeup during the week.  So once a week with Proactiv is enough for me, unless I have a breakout.  Brush teeth.  Cover myself in lotion (Nivea Skin Firming Lotion and BioOil) -  not sure how much they are helping but I feel better knowing I'm moisturized and preventing/treating stretch marks.

Once I finally get in bed,
I moisturize my feet with peppermint lotion by Avon.
It has little microbeads in it and I rub my feet until those disappear.
I truly love my feet and always take special care of them. 

Take care of your feet, folks.
I mean it is the body part that gets you everywhere you need to go.


But another thing I love to get done
(ultimate pampering since I am not a 'massage/facial' person):


My last pedicure was on December 1, 2012. 
I am in desperate need for some hand and feet pampering.
I finally have a bit of money so tonight I am headed to my favorite nail salon.
I. Cannot. Wait.

What is one way you pamper yourself?

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  1. Oh my gosh, love this! It IS so important, you are right. I'm a big fan of baths and taking the time to apply sunless tanner the right way. It makes such a difference. Pedicures are also the amaze.


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