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MYBW - Day Three.

Monday: Clean Eating. 
Tuesday:  Supplements to help me in the gym and life
Today: Workouts
Thursday: plans to make myself feel pampered
Friday:  friendships/travel time


Wednesday:  Motivation for Working Out.

Recently, I have been asked and told over and over again "where do you get your motivation?  I wish I had your motivation!! You are so motivated, I need to be!"  and the funny thing is, I don't feel very motivated.  

I mean yes, I am in the gym as much as I can be and I am happy to go.  I don't mean to sound very Nike, but I literally "just do it."  I made up in my mind that I want to reach certain goals this year and I am constantly pursuing them every day.
But anyone can get tired, right?  
Of course.  

So what I do in my spare/down time now is Instagram.  But not just anything on instagram - when you go to the Explore option - hit search and type in anything fitness related but make sure you also hit 'hashtag' - thousands of people are uploading photos of their exercises, meal plans, inspirational sayings, fitness competitions, etc.  

I am guilty of reposting a bunch of these and beginning to follow some instagrammers who seem to be getting fit and staying that way as a lifestyle.  Whenever I feel a slump of motivation beginning to form, this is where I go.  But honestly, I just go to the gym because I like the way I feel after.  No matter what I eat, I know I can sweat a bit too. 
Here are a few of my new motivation ig's this week: 

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  1. I get motivation from Instagram and Pinterest! :)


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