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MYBW - Day Two.

Monday: Clean Eating. 
Today:  Supplements to help me in the gym and life
Wednesday: Workouts
Thursday: plans to make myself feel pampered
Friday:  friendships/travel time


I am currently taking these supplements:

Advocare Spark: IS MY LIFE.  

Okay, that may be a little dramatic but here is the thing: I can't stand/drink coffee and since I have given up soft/carbonated drinks because well they are ridiculously bad for you - this is my replacement.  And honestly, I could not say more good things about it.  45 calories, NO SUGAR or other unhealthy effects AND it wakes you up and keeps you alert all day? Umm, thank you to whoever created this. 
Two flavors I currently rotate every morning: Mandarin Orange or Fruit Punch. 

Recent new Purchase:  Advocare ThermoPlus.
(not pictured but looks exactly like the Catalyst bottle in the photo above)

  The purpose of this pill is basically to jumpstart your metabolism - and who doesn't need any of that? I know my thick thighs do.  The side of the bottle says the following:  Helps stimulate metabolism and innovative weight-loss enhancer.  I take one pill about 30 minutes before I eat breakfast and lunch.  I usually forget before dinner - but I also take a Catalyst right before I go to the gym so I don't think to take another one of these.

Speaking of, Catalyst:  
Catalyst was sold to me from Nicole as basically lipo in a bottle.  Umm, yes please.  But I did not take these as directed.  I basically just pop one right before I drive to the gym - gives me a little energy boost to make it through a work out.

Another advocare product that I love when I am feeling a bit "irregular" when it comes to my colon.  Take about 15 minutes before you eat a meal and you should go that day.  Or at least I do.

Recent new purchase: Flaxseed Oil Pills by NatureMade

I read to purchase these instead of the fish oil pills everyone is recommending.  Why?  Because I am not a seafood lover, but I wanted to still be able to give my body the Omega-3's I need daily.  When I read that a flax seed pill would work just as well, of course I jumped on that.  It doesn't give you that "fishy" taste when you burp during the day and I'm totally down with no fish taste/smell anywhere near me. 


I have been out of multivitamins for about a month now. 
February stalled me on buying anything, so I am back since payday arrived again. 
And of course I'm a chewy vitamin type girl. 
All the advocare pills are gel capped and I just can't swallow much more during the day.

And last but not least, I drink H20 like it's going out of style.  All day, err'day.

Take care of your body folks, inside and out.  
The outer portion of the week will begin tomorrow. 

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