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Workout Wednesday

To say I have been working out would be an understatement

Monday I mentioned that I am currently changing my workout routine.  
Thanks in large part to a friend I went to high school with.  
He is now certified in teaching Crossfit Level 1 and is pretty much a beast. 
He asked me a week ago if I would like to be his "guinea pig" - that he knows what to work out now and the proper way; and basically, am I interested?  
Well at first, I was hesitant.  I am scared of anything that has to do with these HUGE weights and people lifting and all things crossfit.  

Well, he assured me that it would be mainly body-weight exercises (pushups, squats, situps, etc) just at a more intense level. I finally decided to give it a try; mostly because it's basically having your own personal trainer AND I am slowly coming to a standstill with my weight loss. 

(most current progress photo - a week ago)

So I said: Yes.  
Yes to this new workout program, 
but also not giving up my last 3 weeks of my c25k program.  

This is what my workout schedule looks like this week:
Monday: Dex's workout
Tuesday: c25k Week 6, day 1
Wednesday: Dex's workout 
Thursday: c25k Week 6, day 2
Friday: Dex's workout 
Saturday: REST 
Sunday: c25k Week 6, day 3

Needless to say, I can barely walk right - I am already so sore and it's only my second day.

But rest assured, I am NOT giving up.
I will definitely accomplish this week 
keep going.

Because I want to.....

But I basically look like this right now...


What is your workout routine like this week?  


  1. Good luck!!! I have a few friends that do crossfit. I'm impressed you're even trying! :)

  2. way to go girl! you are such a inspiration!

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