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Workout Wednesday

Even though I have finished 6 weeks of my 8 week c25k program, I have now learned a couple things about running.... 

  • That I am capable of running for 8 minutes, 10 minutes, and now 21 minutes without stopping (!!)

  • I need to get off the treadmill.  Running will not be as fluid on the ground with just my feet going.

  • My breathing is still not the best.  In through my nose, out through my mouth. 

  • I love watching ESPN as I jog; specifically basketball.

  • I do not have a 'comfortable pace' yet where I can talk to other people as I'm jogging.

  • I am jogging at 3.8 mph on the treadmill with 0.0 incline.  I think most people walk 3.8. I need help.

  • But slowly but surely, I am sweating up a storm and just doing it.  And in the end, isn't that what matters?

Any running tips for me?? 


P.S. Natalie is already picking out a pair of running shoes.
Possibly purple; it's her mom's favorite color so more likely she will get them.

She told me if she doesn't get them by the next time I visit her, 
she will punch her soft, little lamb.
Notice her fist....


  1. I need help running- I'm getting shin splints so bad. Also- a friend of mine asked me how fast I was running and I told her 4.7mph and she LAUGHED at me and said "I walk at that pace." Thanks asshole. I'm a newbie- you have to start somewhere! You're doing great- keep it up! You're a huge inspiration girlie :)

  2. Try 4.0 next time... I bet you wont even feel it. --- Aly:Drink lots of water and start streaching your calves more that helps me. Also, 4.7 is great! at 5.0 your at a 12 min mile... thats really good starting out... Lord knows I'm trying to get back to the 5.0 speed! (4.4) right now.

  3. I've been in your shoes and it does get better. I started out weighing 252 pounds and couldn't run around the block. I started with the C25k program and followed it. Over the course of 4 months i worked up from running 2 minutes at a time to where i run 4-7 miles each morning depending on how much time i have. My system was to run really slow until i got used to doing the miles routinely and then I started working on speeding up my pace. It just takes time - but it works. I've lost 36 pounds in the process. Good luck!

  4. Congrats on the running!! My tips for running on the ol' dreadmill - first, I ALWAYS put it on a 2.0 incline when I start, then when i feel like im going to fast / it's too hard, i take some of the incline off and it feels easier even though i'm going the same speed.

    also, i would recommend just adding little bits of spit every few minutes. i like to do it every two minutes or so because i just get so bored running on the TM, eventually if it starts to feel to hard, again i take all the speed off and go back to where I started and then it feels super easy!

    Good luck and great job!! :)

    1. lol and by little bits of spit i meant little bits of speed. hahah!!


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