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Birthday Wish List

I never ever ever know what I want when it comes to gift receiving holidays. 
 Gift giving? Sure, I'm your girl.  I pretty much always have ideas on what to get others.  For myself? Mind draws a blank.

However, I am slowly realizing that I can't afford everything I want anymore and I may need to just bite the bullet and let others buy me things.  
Sad, but true statement from a very independent woman.

So I am going ahead and making my birthday wish list. 
Yes, my birthday that is ONE month away as of today.

If anyone needs any ideas of what I would like this year, here it is: 

1.  Essie Nail Polish (can be in pretty much any color except Reds).

2.  Cute Iphone 4s phone covers (Kate Spade, Tory Burch, etc). 

3.  Pretty Little Liars (Seasons 1-4) on dvd

4.  A small, thin gold ring to put on one of my fingers

5.  Manicure/pedicure gift certificates

6.  Itunes gift cards (in any amount of money)

7.  Cash (always welcome)

As you can tell I'm pretty much into anything pretty that goes on my hand, in my hand or shows to watch.  

But I'm just thankful I have folks that want to celebrate me.  
My birthday month should be awesome.  
Or at least what I'm planning is going to be. 



  1. All good things to ask for! Can't wait to hear your birthday plans :)

  2. Those are all excellent gifts! I always tell people mani/pedi gift certificates! I am a new follower btw! Can't wait to get to know you better through your blog! Hope you are having a good week!!

    1. Welcome, Julie!! I am, hope you are too! Thank you for being my NEWEST follower - so excited you are here! :)


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