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There are some days that I just want to update y'all on what is currently going through my head and today is DEFINITELY one of those days.

Currently....hoping the weather is going to be cooperative for the Biggest Loser 5k this Saturday morning.  It has been raining for the past two days non-stop. 

Currently....drinking lots of h2o, to combat all the carbs I've eaten this week and maybe still flushing my first preworkout powder out of my system from last night.

Currently....not sore from my first stretch with my new foam roller last night.  I am trying to be the best jogger/runner I can be and hopefully prevent any type of injury in the future. 

Currently....Seeking Jesus.  After having a heart to heart with Nicole the other day, I realized that the relationship I should be focused on and eagerly passionate about is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who saved my wretched soul in the 7th grade.  I was baptised soon after, but if I was being honest with myself I have lived for "myself."  It's time to change that and focus on the real reason I have been put on this Earth.  I am starting in Colossians with a daily Bible study, per Nicole's suggestion.  I am only focusing on a chapter a night but I think that is enough to fully read each part and not just skim the words.  Anyone praying can add me to their list, if they want to.  I would be greatly thankful. 

Currently....working out 4-6 times a week.  Gym time is my time to just really develop my skills and strength.  I am focusing more on my breath while I jog on the treadmill - I even got it up to 4.0 last night without a struggle.  That may have been due to my preworkout powder though (a supplement post will be coming soon, promise!) I also got an Itunes gift card in my Easter basket - so new 'tunes have definitely helped me get my jog on.  Just hoping I can jog at least 2 of the miles Saturday morning, fingers crossed.

Currently....seeking out a devotional that will speak to me in my single, mid-twentyish life right now.  If any of you girls out there know which devotional I should look at, please leave a comment below.  I know Shae has already sent me a book she uses, but any more suggestions would be great. 

Anything CURRENTLY going on in your life/mind that you want to talk about?
I'm all ears.
And I promise not to say currently again the rest of the week. 


  1. Hey girlfriend! Just thought of two books you should pick up for devotional reading. Love Does, by Bob Geoff, and Breaking Free by Beth Moore. I"m currently reading Breaking Free and it is an intensely awesome study on becoming YOU in Him, and only you-all relationships, baggage, past experiences, etc aside. I also keep the Jesus Calling app I purchased on my iphone to read once a day as my quick daily meditation—nothing quite like it. :) Hope this helps!

    1. It does! Thank you so much, Ainsley!

  2. One of the first tips I received when I started running was how to breathe. I'm not sure if it works for everyone, but I thought I'd pass on the wisdom :)
    I try breathing in for 3 steps (Right, Left, Right) and then out for two (Left, Right), and then repeat starting on the left foot. This gives you a rhythm to follow, and because you aren't finishing your breath on the same foot every time, you're less likely to get a cramp in your stomach.
    I hope this helps! Good luck!!

    1. I will try that! Thank you Clare!

  3. What a great post! I'm so impressed with your workouts/health these days. What is the preworkout powder? And is that 4.0 miles?! I can't wait to hear about your 5k!!!

    Lastly, I read Jesus Calling. I think alot of people read that one and I'm actually looking for something new because I've gone through it a couple of times so I'd love to see a post on the recommendations you get/what you end up buying as your new! :)

    Have a great Thursday, Cassie!

    1. Gonna send you an email, Haley! :)

  4. A brand new follower, I am! But.. I love Mrs. Nicole Cole and any friend of hers is a friend of mine!


    1. Thanks for becoming a follower, Lauren! I hope you enjoy what you read! :)


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