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DIY Zombie Party - Part ONE

Last week, I had a to do list that covered every inch of a peice of paper.  
Needless to say, I was busy.  
But it was all fun stuff to do, so no biggie.
I managed to get everything accomplished and still had time to take a bath and sleep (both major things in my life). 
Mostly, I was working on Kara's Birthday present.  


Kara always has a theme or something she is really into every year.  
Last year, you may remember it was Harry Potter themed:


This year:  The Walking Dead (tv show)
Girl loves her some zombies.  I watched the first episode of The Walking Dead at the gym one night and just didn't give myself a chance to like it.  
Haven't watched any of it since but I still participate in any themed party, even this one. 
Before I get into the details of the party, I want to detail my gift.  It was DIY'd to the extreme, for sure.
Up first: Her card.  

I folded a peice of posterboard and added photos of her and I all over it.   

A poem and a list of 20 reasons and boom! Card is done. 

 Well, not quite - had to personalize the back like Hallmark does and add a barcode with her birthdate this year on it. 
Next up: Operation Fill her car up with fun.  My mom always drives the getaway car for this part.  She loves it and I do too dressing up in all black (so you can barely see me in the dark) and sneaking all this stuff into her car.  Brooke helped me make sure the car was unlocked and presto!
I forgot to take a photo of my setup but I did get this tweet the next morning: 

Her actual birthday gift goes along with the zombie theme.  Since I haven't seen the show except the pilot episode, I was a little unsure of what to do, but give me 10 minutes and voila! I can come up with just about anything. 
Her "Beauty Fighting Zombies/Survival Kit" was created and includes the following: 

Body Wash from Victoria's Secret 
Anti Z (antibacterial gel) 
Walker Sunglasses
Hawaiian punch packets for water
Red Essie Nail Polish



Last, but not least, of the DIY creation was of course, my outfit:
After finding my white shirt (which was a requirement to the attend the party) because the rule was to throw the red color run dust everywhere to look like we attacked zombies and won.   Then plans changed and I still wanted to wear my white shirt, so Brooke, Bray and I made these:

I loved them and borrowing my sister's Jason tights from her halloween costume wrapped the whole outfit up into a hot, zombie mess.

And I loved every minute of it. 

Part Two - The Party - is up tomorrow. 

Lots of outtakes. 


  1. Watch the first 3 Episodes and THEN you will be hooked... it took me 3... never turned back. It's so gross but SO good.

    1. Haha I'm sure I will be hooked, Terri! That's why I am trying to stay away from it.

  2. I love a good, themed birthday party! You are the best!

    1. Ha thank you Lauren! It was such a good time!


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