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Friday's Five and a BIG announcement!

Before I post my FIVE things I'm loving this Friday,
I wanted to make a big announcement:

I am officially an........

Now I know that may not be a huge deal to some of you out there who already sell it,
but I am ecstatic.

I got my kit on Wednesday and have a few samples that I would love to send to 5 lucky ladies.

All you have to do is email me at cassandralynn23@gmail.com
and tell me your address.

And poof! Sugar free energy that is completely safe will be headed to your doorstep.
Just mix it with a bottle of water.

Wakes you up, more focused and more energy - Who doesn't need that?
Email me girls.


And here is my 5 things I'm loving today:

1.  My mom booked our annual beach trip.
June 25 can't get here fast enough.

2.  My new hair.  Ombre style. Love. 

3.  Getting the 5k results online saying that my final time was actually 50:04, 
not 51:42. 
I'll take that.  Still need to improve a whole lot though. 

4.  Wedding flow with my bff, Kristin, this past Saturday.

5.   Contemplating on signing up for this half marathon.
Registration opens TODAY. 

If you run, think about it.
Nola is always a good idea in my book. 

Happy Friday!!! 


  1. Love the new hair and you should totally sign up for that half marathon! I did my first one last year, and it was an amazing experience!


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