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Friday's Five

1. Coming in 7th place last week in our Biggest Loser Competition at work.
And it telling me 12 pounds lost. 

2.  Ordering these two products and them coming in this week.
Can't wait to see what these products will do to help me perform better.
(they do not taste great though)
First 5k that I plan on jogging is TOMORROW! 

3.  My most current progress photo.
NOW I see a difference. 

4.  Eating wayyyy too many carbs this week and knowing I probably gained weight this week is NOT  highlight - but - those carbs were good.

5.  Eating popcorn, laughing at Anchorman and Brailyn playing "doctor" and trying to take my blood pressure from my wrist last night.
It's the little moments, y'all.

Happppppy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday! Congrats on the progress, what an inspiration you are!

    1. You inspire me too, Brittany! :)

  2. You look great! Keep it up! This was just the kick in the pants I need to make better choices this weekend and get back in the gym. I'm going after work. Life has been so crazy lately. *Excuses excuses*

    And Amen to cutting out carbs.

    1. I love Carbs - never know if I will be able to give them up completely haha. Good luck getting back into it girl! :)

  3. Popcorn is a good snack. And my God the progress pic looks good. 😳😳😳

    1. The M&M's I added to the 'movie theater butter' popcorn probably was not the best snack haha. And THANK YOU - my unofficial trainer. :)

  4. congrats on the weight loss!


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