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I cannot explain how fully blessed I have been this past week. 
But I will try ;) 

Blessed to have the opportunity to get daily emails from Ashley, who is the founder behind Overcome The Lie. Her daily emails first thing in the morning are helping me stay grounded every day and remember to make a full effort to get closer to the Lord or just let HIM speak to me that day.  

Blessed to have a wonderful accountability partner, Brittany.  Our weekly emails are giving me the opportunity to gain a friend, a person who will just read/listen, and also needs me to give an opinion or just pray for her.  Check out her blog, girls.  

Blessed to have a new passion for God's Word.  I cannot go to bed at night without reading my Bible now.  I have a desire to read the Bible and re-read chapters that I know I have read before but never really took the time to understand it or apply it.  Overcome the Lie has certainly helped me with this.   

Blessed to be able to go back to my home church without any weird looks.   Since Easter morning, I have gone back to church every Sunday.  I slipped away from the church my junior year of high school.  I began working more on the weekends and that extended into all of my college years.  I feel blessed to be able to, after all these years, to step back into the same pews where I once gave my life to Jesus.  Thankful for a second chance to worship the Lord. 

If you are participating in #Overcomethelie,
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I would love to hear more about your journey as well,
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  1. Isn't it the best feeling to go back to your home church? So proud and happy for you!

    1. Thank you Lauren! That means so much! :)

  2. yeah, yeah, yeah! Love this so much!


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