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Thursday Workout Tips

Let me just start off by saying that I NEVER in a million years thought I would be the one to write a post about fitness. 
OR that people would ask me for fitness advice. 
Last week, I asked if anyone had any questions for me and fitness tips were the main question that was asked of me.


Let me just give you a bit of background on me.  I was never super duper active as a kid.  I was not the little girl that went from ballet practice to softball practice and then when it got cold, soccer season.  No way.

In the 5th grade, I attempted basketball.  Which basically means I went to every single practice, ran up and down the court - hardly ever had the ball and when it came to games - the coach would put me on the bench. 
2nd grade through 6th grade - I was a Pee Wee Cheerleader.  Our moves were also Pee Wee - didn't really do much.

My summer before 9th grade I decided that it would be a good idea to try out for high school cheerleader - didn't make it so guess what I did instead? Ate a lot of junk food and sat in my recliner.

So by 9th grade, I was fat.  LIke 147 pounds fat.  End of 9th grade, I got my act together and tried out for the high school dance team.  Didn't make it but I did become their manager - also it was mandatory to go to technique classes and practices every day so guess what? I lost 17 pounds that summer.  I finally found a place in my world with dancing.  I still love it to this day, and most days - I miss it.  End of my backstory.
Being in the working world now, my cubicle life is pretty non-movement.  I make sure to get up once an hour and walk around and drink water all day long.  Fitness was not a big deal to me until something snapped in me earlier this year.  No, not a bone or muscle snapping, just something inside of me decided that it was time to get my act together. 


So here are (MY) eight beginner tips:

1.  Plan a goal. 

I have made 3 goals for this year in the form of running:  a 5K, a 10K and a half marathon.  I have never ran any of these and my goal this year is to complete all three of them to the best of my ability.  

2.  Find a tool that will help you reach those goals.

I am using the c25k app, 10k app, and the 13.1 app on my Iphone.  It is free, super easy to use and I can play my music through it - sort of a win win win if you ask me.  If you don't have an Iphone - you can probably search for the c25k workouts online.  Just google it and find a schedule/plan that works best for you and your level of fitness.  I am sure there are some wonderful runners reading my page right now. 


3. Drink Water (like it's going out of style)

I drink between 6-8 bottles of water a day. When I'm at work (I'm part of the water club) so I just go refill my bottle every time it's empty.  I also start every morning with a Spark from Advocare - so that is already one bottle of water finished right when I get to work.  If you hate the taste of water, buy some Crystal light packets, the Mio product, or email me about Advocare - I promise you Spark works.  

4.  Eat less CRAP.

C- carbonated drinks
R- refined sugar
A- artififical sweeteners & colors
P- processed foods

and eat more FOOD

F- fruits and veggies
O- organic lean proteins
O- omega 3 Fatty Acids
D-  drink water

5.  Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

It took me a while to understand this one.  I always thought the more crunches I do, the better my abs will be.  Not the case.  You know how you feel your ab muscles sometimes but always see a layer of fat on top?  The only way to truly get abs is to decrease your overall body fat.  How can you do that?  Eat clean. No junk food and workout at an intensity that is uncomfortable and you will get there.  Lord knows I'm trying to do the same, but I love fries.  Constant battle of my belly bulge. 


6. Join a gym or just get outside.

The weather is becoming a little bit better around these parts, so it looks like more people are getting outside.  I am not a huge outdoorsy person, especially when everywhere I go there is a bee, wasp, flying insect. I get ridiculous, so I'm sticking with the gym for now.  I love being able to go anytime I want to and knowing that it is coming out of my bank account whether I go or not, is a motivating tool as well.

7.  Look in the mirror.

Some days you are not going to feel like working out,  but look in the mirror and remind yourself who you are and why you are doing this.  To make yourself better, healthier, and you only have one life in this body. 


8.  When in doubt, Instagram it. 

I love Instagram.  If you ever feel less motivated than normal or just need some encouragement and you have Instagram, go to the popular page.  Hit search and type in any of these: 


I promise you some of these have wonderful people getting fit, motivating others, or just looking ridiculous.  You can get a workout from laughing.  


Leave your thoughts ANYTIME.
I will reply back.