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Workout Wednesday

The other day I had prepped a 'workout wednesday' post complaining about how after my 5k, I could not get my mind in the groove to start on the 10k training.  
I do not have very long to train for it and my mind was playing tricks on me, saying "oh just give up"  "you can't do it today" "maybe tomorrow".

After the unfathomable events that occurred Monday at the Boston Marathon, I began to be concerned and hurt for people I don't even know.  I can't imagine training for months, years even, for that one moment to cross the finish line at the BOSTON MARATHON and end up losing a limb, or in some cases a family member.  

Whoever did this will find justice, maybe not in this life, but when we must all stand before the One Living God on Judgment day, he/she will.  I have read different reports on the Internet and some may not be true, but I do hope they find whoever did such an evil thing to people who were just running a marathon. 

After those events took place, I realized I need to remember why I'm running
Some days I think it's to get a really good sweat; 
other days it's to not be last when it comes to actual race time. 

No, running has become more than that.  


This week my focus is going to be running for the 8 year old boy who died trying to watch his father cross the finish line at Boston.  My jogs this week are for him and his family.  Anytime I feel a little bit like I can't go on, I will tell myself I can.  Because I actually can.  I have no physical ailments. 

Every time I step on the treadmill or run outside, I need to put myself in someone's place who cannot run.  Run for someone who is currently struggling to live or fighting cancer.  I am blessed and should change my mindset when I put my running shoes on. 
It's not something I have to do, it's something I want to do. 
When my attitude changes, so will my mind.  I hope.

Last night I accomplished this; however, I did not run the entire time. 
But when I felt like I couldn't go on, I did.


  1. I am SO proud of you Cassie!! <3

  2. This is so awesome!!! You rock!

  3. You go girl! It is totally a mind game. I'm running for Boston too!


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